Being out and about. Experiencing the simple joys of exploring and the fun of cycling - away from the streets and traffic. Whether it's on a quick after-work ride, a weekend trip or a bikepacking tour lasting several weeks: Gravel gives you the freedom to experience the world on two wheels in a new way. The possibilities are endless, the adventure starts right at your doorstep.


  • MSRP per set US$ from $ 2655
  • Weight per set from 1545 g
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  • MSRP per set US$ from $ 758
  • Weight per set from 1727 g
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G 1800 SPLINE®

  • MSRP per set US$ from $ 492
  • Weight per set from 1806 g
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campagnolo n3w
freehub body

Freehub body availability for Campagnolo N3W standard  (EKAR Gravel drivetrain): DT Swiss now offers appropriate freehub bodies for the Ratchet and Ratchet EXP freehub, available as kit with matching endcap. DT Swiss wheels with the Campagnolo N3W standard will follow soon.


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